Several come in contact with rabid kitten

DERBY, Conn. (WTNH)– A scare for some animal volunteers and vet workers in Derby after they had a brush with a kitten with rabies. Two people were bitten and others came in close contact with the kitten.

Animal control says the kitten was so cute that many just wanted to help it and it’s part of the reason why so many were exposed to the deadly virus.

On a lawn on Hickory Road, an animal lover spots a 3-month-old gray tabby cat. It was screeching and acting funny. Two volunteers try to help. Now, one has to get help for themselves.

“It was kind of scary you never think of a kitten having rabies,” said Art Burns, a neighbor. “If I saw one in the road, I’d probably go pick it up because you not know it was rabid.’

Woodbridge animal control officer Karen Lombardi says one of the rescuers was bit there on July 5th and when they brought the animal to Shelton’s VCA Shoreline Veterinary Emergency Center, the kitten bit a vet a day later.

About ten others came in direct contact through saliva and fluids. Tuesday test results came back saying that cute kitten had rabies. Lacy is just one of three dogs at Nancy Degennaro’s home.

Animal control officers say they want residents like her to keep a watchful eye for any other kittens acting strangely. They say there is a possibility there could be more.

“My grand-kids come over too you know and they like pets so I’m sure they would run right up to it,” said Nancy Degennaro, a neighbor.

Peanut’s owner isn’t taking any chances either. He’s made sure he’s up to date with his shots. “That’s scary, but my dog doesn’t go out so we have him in a fenced area,” said Peter Snow, a neighbor.

Now, if you have a pet in that area, authorities are urging you to make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date. Also, if you see an animal acting odd. Call animal control and do not approach it. For more information on rabies, click here.

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