Series of storms continue to cause damage across WMass

Tree trimming could protect your property

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– Powerful and destructive thunderstorms have rolled through western Massachusetts almost every night this week. 22News is working for you with steps to prepare for the next round of damaging weather.

During Wednesday night’s strong storms, a large tree snapped and crashed into a home on Ambrose Street in Springfield. And on Tracy Street a large tree landed on a house taking down parts of the gutter and roof.

Tree trimming experts told 22News that summertime is prime season for storm damage. That’s because trees are full of leaves and when storms come through these leaves cause extra weight and wind resistance causing limbs to come down and often times trees to uproot from the ground.

By cutting tree limbs away from power lines it helps reduce storm damage and power loss.

Tracy street tree on house“Usually our work is trimmed on a four to five year cycle. So this street being trimmed today should again be trimmed in four years. Obviously New England is a wooded area with a lot of trees and they continue to grow, so it’s year round, full time,” Mark Chandler Utility Supervisor from Lucas Trees experts, told 22News.

Insurance experts say trimming trees on and around your property can also protect your home. “Its not a bad time to look around your home and just use common sense as far as, is that a tree that’s going to endanger my property? So I have limbs that are hanging over my house?” Bill Trudeau, President of Insurance Center of New England, said.

Trudeau also advises getting rid of those potentially hazardous limbs could save you a lot of aggravation later on. He also said that regardless of whose property the tree is on that hits your house, a standard home owner’s insurance policy should cover the damage.

Make sure to follow the 22News Storm Team, on-air and on, to find out when the next possible storm will  pass through western Mass. and any other weather updates.

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