Self-Serve beer arrives

SUWANEE, Geor. (WXIA) There’s big buzz on social media about next week’s MLB All-Star game and state of the art, new, self serve beer machines. But, what few know is where the technology or the idea originated. You have to travel 30 miles north of Atlanta to Suwanee, Georgia to a restaurant called Cheeky.

Inside, there is a row of seating that features a beer tap on the tables.

“When I opened the restaurant seven years ago, I thought everyone always wants to be the bartender. No one wants to wait for a beer. Why not let people pour their own own?”, said owner Jose Hevia.

Hevia said it was customers who got him thinking bigger.

“I have regulars ask ‘why can’t I have a tap like this if I’m on a cruise ship or at a concert’ so I went to my engineers and we started working,” said Hevia.

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