Possible break for student-athletes on SAT dates

Two high schools made students choose between academics and athletics

BOSTON (WWLP) – A break for student-athletes who have to play big games that fall on SAT exam dates. 22News is working for you with details of a possible compromise to make sure students get to do both.

Last month, students from two western Massachusetts high schools had to choose between academics or athletics, and one lawmaker believes that a choice they shouldn’t be forced to make.

Twenty players from Hopkins Academy and Turners Falls High School had a baseball tournament scheduled at the same time as the SATs, leaving them with a difficult decision to make.

“Quite simply, my problem was this. I didn’t think that a student should have to choose between the academic choice of taking a test with the athletic choice of playing in the game, particularly a playoff game,” said South Hadley Representative John Scibak.

Rep. John Scibak filed legislation to prevent the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association from scheduling games that conflict with the SATs.

Both parties offered a compromise before the Education Committee that would allow the Association to give a two-week notice for schools to provide alternate test days for student-athletes during championship games.

It would also set scheduling standards between the Association and schools at the beginning of the year so that students won’t have to choose between getting into college or playing in the game.

It’s now up to the Education Committee to decide whether to report the compromise out favorably.

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