Police suspect prostitute may be a double killer

Investigators say they're going to re-examine all the evidence in both cases

NEW YORK (CNN) – A tragic accident or cold blooded murder? That’s what police are trying to decide in the case of a call girl accused of killing a Google Executive with heroin.

When Dean Riopelle died from a heroin overdose last September, “I think my boyfriend overdosed or something, he like, he won’t respond,” it appeared to be a tragic accident as his girlfriend made the call to 911.

The dispatcher said “Okay and why do you think it’s an overdose?”

“Because there’s nothing else it could be,” said Riopelle’s girlfriend.

“Accidental or intentional,” said the dispatcher.

The girlfriend responded saying, “I think, oh, definitely accidental, accidental.”

That was the story from Alix Tichelman and the case was closed. Until police in California announced this week that the model-turned prostitute had been arrested.

The woman who gave makeup tips on Youtube, charged in the death of Google Executive Forrest Hayes, a 51-year-old father of 5. Police say he too died of a lethal amount of heroin and they say it was given to him by Tichelman, the 26-year-old he met on seeking Arrangement.com.

Georgia authorities re-opened the Riopelle case because the circumstances were too similar to ignore.

“The similarities are the death of the two men by heroin overdose, the common denominator being Ms. Tichelman. In both cases, the individuals seem to have died of an overdose in what appears to be their first time in using heroine,” said Captain Shawn McCarty.

The 53-year-old Riopelle owned a popular music venue in Atlanta. The two appeared to have had a volatile relationship.

Police records reveal Tichelman was arrested and charged with battery last September after she bit him on the right hand causing a tear in his finger. He died just weeks later.

Investigators say they’re going to re-examine all the evidence, including toxicology.

“It’s very suspicious. There’s a lot of commonalities cause to have look at his death investigation to make sure that we didn’t overlook anything,” said Captain McCarty.

Tichelman moved to California, working as a prostitute, she surfaced in Santa Cruz. In November, she joined Hayes on his yacht. Investigators say surveillance cameras showed Tichelman doing absolutely nothing to help the distressed Hayes after injecting him with the heroin.

“She’s so callous that she grabs her wine and walks over his body,” said Deputy Chief Steve Clark.

Tichelman is charged with felony manslaughter in the case involving the Google Executive. Her bail has been set at a million and half dollars. Her next court appearance is scheduled for July 16th.

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