Exploring your energy options

CHICOPEE, Mass (Mass Appeal) There are so many options out there for people looking to make a smart choice in their power: today – customers have a choice when it comes to our electricity and Marin Goldstein from the Center for Eco Technology told us some options.

Ways to Make Energy Choices:

  • What are some of the top ways to make this choice:
  • Solarize Mass has occurred in many towns in region, driving down the price for homeowners, this can take a $25K system, through fed/state tax rebates and incentives down to $12k which can be paid off in 7-8 years
  • Community solar projects are upcoming where people purchase into a group solar project (this has several different ways that it can be designed and devil in the details)
  • Split your supplier and delivery (deregulation of utilities) and purchase out-of-state power provider, some of these are quite green with 100% wind power, but all of it is out-of-state and doesn’t support local energy, local jobs
  • Exciting green power choice new to WMECO customers, great for bad solar sites, renters or others not ready to make big, long-term investment
  • Mass Energy and CET provide this service as an easy, local solution to invest in renewable energy directly on your WMECO billing statement – for cost of a coffee a week ($14-23/mo), you can support 100% renewable energy which is also tax-deductible
  • This program supports innovators across our state to invest in projects like Anaerobic Digesters (cow power) in Rutland, and wind turbines in the Berkshires and around the state
  • In a couple weeks, we will be hosting a wind turbine tour and educational opportunity on July 27th, RSVP by July 19th (next week) – you get to go up close and see just how impactive this renewable energy choice is and then if you’re interested you can zip-line down the mountain, it all happens at Berkshire East which built the wind turbine to manage its intense electrical use and make a green statement for renewable energy

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