Why so stormy and humid lately?

Storms have been much worse over New York State

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – You know the drill by now. Hazy sunshine, building afternoon clouds, oppressive humidity and eventually thunderstorms.

For many people, the humidity’s been the hardest part.

“It is trouble sleeping, especially if you don’t have A/C. It’s good if you have A/C. But sometimes it’s kind of sleepless, restless nights because it’s so sticky and humid and you feel like you need to take a bath or a shower all the time,” said Samuel Hines from Holyoke.

That humidity’s been a big factor in the thunderstorms we’ve seen the past few weeks. However, the damage is worse in some places than others.

“There was some branches and things blown down, but a lot of the damage from the past few days seems to be more around us, like north of us,” said Jeanne Phillips from Amherst.

The jet stream is an area of strong winds high in the sky. It guides weather systems and has helped to bring humid air into western Massachusetts. It’s also brought the constant storm threat.

The situation could have been much worse. If the jet stream had shifted over closer to western Massachusetts we’d have been seeing more destructive winds

Instead the jet stream has been a bit farther west. When storms pop up just to the right of the jet stream, they can bring down some of those high winds in the jet stream to the ground, blowing down trees.

The damage in New York State was deadly, with a tornado killing 4 people on Tuesday.

The humidity and storm chances should go away through Thursday and into the first part of the weekend.

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