Where’s the toll money?

The 22News I-team finds out how toll money is being spent in Western Massachusetts.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)- After a 17 year break, last fall the state began collecting tolls from exits one through six at the western end of the Massachusetts Turnpike. Lawmakers promised the money would stay in the region to pay for infrastructure projects.

The 22News I-Team takes a look at how much money has been collected since the toll reinstatement and which local projects are being funded by this money.

The 22News I-Team is following the toll money trail. See the story on Wednesday, July 9, on 22News at 11pm.

22News has put together this interactive map showing you how much additional toll revenue has been collected at each western Massachusetts exit, on average, in the first seven months since tolls were re-instated. Click on any point to find out how much additional money each exit is bringing in. (Note that the Ludlow and Palmer exits highlighted in green were never toll-free). 

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