Weather turns deadly in New York

(NBC News) – A rare tornado tore through an area of upstate New York late Tuesday, killing four people.

People picking through what’s left in Smithfield, New York still can’t believe the storm hit without warning.

“The winds were so high that one of the homes was lifted off its foundation and carried approximately 150 yards, and came down on another home down there,” said Madison County Sheriff Allen Riley.

A 35-year-old mother and her 4-month-old baby girl were among the dead.

Another child died in Carroll County, Maryland in a separate storm spawned by the same system.

More than 100 7-to-12 years old at summer camp were running to a nearby shelter when a tree fell, killing the one and injuring six others.

“The storm moved upon us so fast, within a minute it was sunny and then the storm was there,” said camp director Jon Bisset.

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