The Border Crisis Debate

(NBC News) President Obama travels to Texas today to raise money for Democrats, but the White House confirms he will not visit the border.

He is asking Congress for nearly four billion dollars to deal with the flood of children who’ve come to the U.S. without their families.

The United Nations insists the children are refugees and should stay.

The U.S. found 60 percent were victims of extreme gang violence.

While the president is in Texas, the House Appropriations Committee will hold a hearing on Capitol Hill to consider his $3.7 billion emergency request for more border agents, food, clothes and medical care for thousands of children being detained, and a campaign to convince Central American parents not to send their kids here.

The expedited process to approve the money could still take weeks.

If lawmakers insist on budget cuts to pay for it, or try to add on other projects, there could be even longer delays.

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