Residents are annoyed by the railcars in their backyards

Health Dept. investigated reports of air pollution from the railcars

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Dozens of railcars have been parked for three weeks in many Northampton residents’ backyards.

“I understand they have work to do and that doesn’t bother me at all. It would’ve just been nice to know what was going on right in your own backyard before it just showed up and stayed there for apparently three weeks,” said Heather Cahillane, who is annoyed about no notification.

City Councilor Ryan O’Donnell represents this neighborhood. He told 22News Pan Am Railways is partnering with Norfolk Southern to build a commuter line connecting Springfield to Greenfield.

22News went to door to door, asking residents how they felt about this new view outside their windows. Chance Boyle, who can’t sleep from noise, said, “When I’m trying to sleep it’s just really hard because all the noise and they’re just littering everywhere.”

Residents say late at night, workers are loud, outside the camp cars. Lisa Boyle said, “You hear them out here almost partying at night. There’s a few of them that are gathering around and you can hear them all night long.”

The Northampton Health Department investigated reports of air pollution from the railcars.

Some residents told 22News they don’t mind the temporary sound of the generator or occasional smell of fumes or trash outside because it will lead to an easier way to get from Point A to Point B across the Pioneer Valley.

Sherry Taylor has railcars in her backyard. She said, “The truth of the matter is this is something the public in Northampton has always supported. We’ve wanted to have a system that allows us to move more easily through the valley.”

Councilor O’Donnell said there is the possibility of having the cabin cars for this state-and-federally funded project to be moved a quarter mile up the track where they won’t bother as many residents.

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