Obama fires back over blame for border crisis

NEW YORK (CNN) – Far from the border in Denver, President Obama did address the immigration crisis in a slam on republicans.

Congress just said no to fixing our broken immigration system in a way that strengthens our border and our businesses, despite the fact that everybody from law enforcement to corporations to evangelicals, there’s a coalition around immigration reform that’s unprecedented.

It is true they tried to get out ahead of the problem in May, mobilizing resources. But on Capitol Hill today, republicans were furious, as the president continues to not plan to see the border situation himself. The thousands of children in temporary shelters.

The root cause literally is we have got to stop incentivizing parents and other immigrants coming into this nation.

They’re blaming Obama for not only failing to prevent this. Based on the sharply rising numbers of unaccompanied minors, starting in 2012 and exploding this year.

Governor Perry down in Texas warned the white house about this specific issue two years ago.

But they’re also saying the president’s sudden granting some amnesty to kids brought here illegally years ago by their parents, is a cause.

It is a disaster that is the direct consequence of president Obama’s lawlessness. The direct, predictable, foreseeable consequence of granting that amnesty is the number of children, unaccompanied children immediately began to skyrocket.

The congressional anger out there includes wanting to see more border security, the same thing the white house blames them for holding up, in not passing immigration reform.

But even some democrats now are balking at showing president Obama the money he’s asking for.

What I am going to be focused on is accountability, who’s in charge, what the plan is, who is going to held responsible before we spend 3.7 billion dollars. We’ve got a lot more questions to be answered before i think we run too far ahead.

The white house has also said more detention facilities are needed and officials are considering using ankle bracelets to ensure children show up for their hearings.

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