Mother hides meth in 5-year-old’s pockets

RANKIN COUNTY, MI (CNN) – A mother in Mississippi is facing drug charges after a traffic stop that ended in a drug bust.

Rankin county narcotic officers made a discovery during a traffic stop Monday on Pearson road in pearl.

They noticed 2 young girls, ages 5 and 12 riding around with no seat belts.

After officers pulled 35-year-old Margaret Lopez Carrillo over they found something even more disturbing.

“During his investigation he developed information that let him believe there’s was possible methamphetamine was hidden on one of the juveniles,” Raymond Duke of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office said.

Investigators found a pipe and two bags of methamphetamine.

Rankin county chief investigator Raymond duke says Carrillo told her 12 year old daughter to put the drugs in her younger sister’s pants pocket.

“I’m sure the 5 year old really didn’t have a grasp of what was going on, the 12 year old I feel confident knew she was doing something she shouldn’t be doing, but I seriously doubt she knew she was hiding drugs,” Duke continued.

“How can a mother do something so awful do something so awful to their child? I mean it’s just not right, you don’t do things like that to your children, why would you even do that? What if that child would have put that in its mouth, where would the child be right now,” Allie Setton of Madison said.

The 2 girls are now in the custody of DHS.

“We have no control at this point where the children go, but I seriously doubt they’ll be immediately placed back in the mom’s custody,” said Duke.

“Well that’s a blessing where they are at because maybe there will be somebody who will treat them a lot better than what their parent was, that’s not right, you don’t do that to children,” Setton continued.

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