Mosquito spray keeps bugs away from house

A non-toxic solution of plant oils to keep mosquitoes and ticks away

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If mosquitoes and ticks have you worried about going outside, we might have the answer.

You can actually keep mosquitoes away without having to spray your body with chemicals.

Springfield’s American pest solutions have been using this mosquito guard spray for three years to repel or kill ticks and mosquitoes around the home.

Unlike older solutions, this spray contains no harmful chemicals.  Instead, it uses a non-toxic solution of plant oils to keep mosquitoes and ticks away.

The spray gets applied to places where bugs spend time during the day, and with the weather we’ve had lately, there are a lot of bugs out there.

“You need seven days of standing water and with these storms we’re getting that standing water, it’s being renewed, it’s not drying out.  The heat during the day and overnight is creating perfect breeding conditions,” Bob Russell of American Pest Solutions told 22News.

The spray is safe for pets and humans; it has to be applied once a month to be effective.  A typical application around your home will cost around 100 dollars.

The peak part of mosquito season lasts through late September.

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