Wendell Post Office decision due in 30 days

Residents feel it is important to keep it open

WENDELL, Mass. (WWLP) – More than one hundred Wendell residents packed the town post office Tuesday night to convince the US Postal Service not to cut the hours of operation.

As part of a national cost-cutting strategy, the Postal Service wants to cut the hours of operation of 13,000 post offices around the country, including one in the Franklin County town of Wendell.

Postal Service spokeswoman Christine Dugas told 22News the Postal Service wants to reduce Wendell’s hours from seven and a half hours to six hours each day.

“We really did strive to look for a solution that had the least impact,” said Dugas. “So we looked at if we took one hour out of that particular post office, how many would that impact, versus of we closed another post office entirely…Closing a post office for an hour a day really doesn’t impact a whole lot of people.”

Residents told 22News they need a full time post office and a full time postmaster. “Because of the cutbacks that have already been made in the surrounding towns around Wendell, it has become sort of a rural hub post office. So it serves actually beyond Wendell,” said Wendell resident Robbie Leppzer.

Dugas told 22News the purpose of the public hearing was to find out which hours of operation best suits the most people. She said they were flexible about Wendell’s daily hours of operation, including a possible lunchtime closure, or an earlier start with an earlier closing and working right through lunch.

A decision could be made in Washington within 30 days.

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