Has the DCF improved since the change in leadership?

A 60-day action plan was launched to better protect children

BOSTON (WWLP) – The agency is half-way through its 60-day action plan aimed at making better policies, restoring staffing and improving technology.

After a controversial start to the year, the Department of Children and Families made major changes at the top, bringing in Erin Deveney as the Interim Commissioner.

The 60-day action plan to better protect children under state care was launched in late May. So far, DCF has improved mobile technology by handing out iPads to social workers in Springfield so they can input visitation information and access case records on-the-go.

23-hundred iPads will be in use statewide by the end of the month. The agency also tackled staffing issues.

According to Deveney, “Since January, the department has hired more than 230 social workers, supervisors, and managers to address the ongoing caseload issue.”

DCF has made significant staffing changes this summer so far, the agency has hired more than 400 new social workers.

A new tracking system is also in the works to make sure children are being seen and supervisors can better monitor social workers.

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