Cat corners couple

(WESH) A DeLand, Florida couple claim their cat held them hostage in their own home this past weekend.

The husband and wife said the cat had repeatedly attacked them, so they had to lock themselves in their bedroom and call for help.

Police first got a call from the victims’ son.

“Her cat has gone crazy and has attacked her multiple times…it attacked her and it’s gotten my step dad multiple times,” he told the dispatcher.

Then the victims called, explaining they were trapped.

“She’s got us trapped in our bedroom. We’re ripped up, I mean ripped up, pouring blood,” Teresa Gregory said. “She’s ripped us up.”

A city animal control officer responded and spoke to the couple through a sliding glass door.

The officer was also attacked, but was able to finally corner the animal in a laundry room, then use a catch pole to capture the cat and cage it.


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