Americans don’t spend enough time outside

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – How much time do you carve out of your day to spend time outside? New research shows it’s probably not enough.

30% of Americans say they don’t spend any time outside daily, and of those that do, they on average spend less than a half hour in the sun.

A local father who coaches his daughter’s basketball team says he makes it a point to have outdoor family time everyday.

“There’s not anything more important than to be outside, have exercise, get in daily exercise,” said George Tack of Chicopee. “You know, the whole country, everyone talks about being overweight but a lot of it has to do with nobody going outside and getting exercise.”

A study by Harvard Health shows outdoor activities have a lot more health benefits than you may think. It can increase your vitamin D levels, improve concentration, and help you heal faster.

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