$38,000 raised for potato salad project

3,600 people have donated to project through Kickstarter

(WWLP) – How much money would you need to make a good potato salad? Through the generosity and interest of people on the Internet, one man from Ohio now has more than $38,000 to make all the potato salad he wants.

Using the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, Zack Brown of Columbus has raised thousands of dollars for his campaign to make the popular picnic side dish, which had started with the modest goal of just $10.

According to his page on Kickstarter, he had later set goals to make more potato salad, try new recipes, and get better mayonnaise.

After he started raising thousands of dollars, he set a new goal to rent out a party hall and host a large potato salad party.

By late Tuesday morning, Brown had raised $38,888 for his potato salad project from more than 3,600 donors. Most of the money came from very small donations, but 66 people had donated more than $50. People who pledge at that level can receive a cook book containing potato salad recipes from around the world.

Brown still has plenty of time to raise more money to make potato salad; the deadline for the project is still 24 days away.

Brown’s is one of the more unusual projects being advanced through the website, which is designed to fund creative endeavors. Other projects that have found success through Kickstarter have included feature films, videogames, 3-D printers, and music.

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