Child died inside hot car in Connecticut

Temperatures have been in the 80s the past few days

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. (WWLP) – About one hour and 30 minutes south of Springfield, in Ridgefield, Connecticut, a 15-month-old baby has died; the temperature reached 88 degrees on Monday.

Police in Ridgefield have not filed any charges at this point. However, they say the baby was left in a hot car for an “extended period of time.”

In the past several days, we have been dealing with temperatures in the high 80’s and high humidity, and in this kind of hot, muggy weather, the temperature inside your car can soar to 100 degrees in a matter of minutes.

According to Joseph Schmidt, the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Baystate, “The internal body temperature starts to go up at which point it becomes very dangerous and if that last for any period of time obvious there’s progression and people can die from their body temperature being too high.”

Doctors remind parents it’s never a good idea to leave your child in a car, not even for 5 minutes while you run an errand. In this kind of weather, even one minute in a hot car is extremely dangerous.

“Particularly at risk is anyone who doesn’t have the ability to get themselves out of a car. A kid or a pet. Really I think the message is there’s no safe amount of time,” said Schmidt.

You can leave something you’ll definitely need in the backseat, so you’re forced to check the backseat twice before leaving your vehicle.

Doctors say do whatever it takes to make sure you’re not leaving your child or your pet in a hot car, and that’s an important reminder to keep in mind tomorrow as well.

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