Girl saves grandmother by performing CPR

NEW YORK (CNN) – A 72-year-old grandmother is calling her granddaughter a hero for saving the woman’s life.

The eleven-year-old performed CPR and calmly called 911, while her grandmother suffered a massive heart attack.

A heartfelt thank you from Rita Lovato to her granddaughter, after the eleven-year-old saves her life.

“My brain just, like, said I had to do it,” Kendall Stilwell said.

The pair have always shared a special bond.

Kendall Stilwell’s heroic actions last Wednesday morning after she spent the night have only strengthened their connection.

“I was in bed, and then all of a sudden I heard these weird noises, so I turned my head and it was my nana, and she was drenched in sweat, so then I turned her over and ran to her side, and started to do CPR,” Kendall continued.  The fifth-grader called 911, carefully following the instructions.

“I was doing chest compressions.  I was counting, like, ‘one, two, three, four’,” said Kendall.

Calmly waiting for paramedics to arrive, who were surprised to find an eleven-year-old handling the life-or-death emergency.

“They were, like, surprised.  I saw their eyes, like, open wide” Kendall said.

Doctors say that Lovato suffered a major heart attack, they say the CPR saved her life.

“When the paramedics got there, they had to restart her heart four times, and if it wasn’t for her, the paramedics the paramedics and the fire department said there’s no possible way she would’ve made it,” Kendall’s father Art Stilwell said.

Kendall’s family says they can’t believe she didn’t panic, and were surprised to learn she even knew CPR.

“My nana, she taught me when I was little, just in case it happened to my papa,” said Kendall

The 72-year-old never thought she would be the one in need of those life-saving skills.

The family says Lovato is out of intensive care and recovering.

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