Deliver Us From Evil

Rated R

2 hours

Eric BanaÉdgar RamírezOlivia MunnJoel McHaleSean Harris

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) – It’s not every day that New York Police deal with demonic possession. “Deliver Us From Evil” tells the creepy tale of a tough Detective whose convinced a baffling murder mystery has supernatural overtones.  But It’ll take awhile before Eric Bana sees enough strange phenomena to become a true believer.

He used to think that no matter how horrible the crime, there was always a perfectly logical explanation about human behavior. Now he’s not so sure.

Bana’s change of heart is the basis for this supposedly true story of a murderous cult with a sinister connection to the Devil.

Bana teams up with Inner city Exorcist Edward Ramirez to get to the bottom of the unthinkable.  It’s only when the forces of darkness threaten Bana’s family that the hard boiled cop decides It’s time to “Deliver Us From Evil” that old fashioned way.

You can’t go wrong with an Exorcist whose good at combating evil spirits.

You should know going in that “Deliver Us From Evil” is quite the shocker, and It’s bloodier and more gruesome than you can possibly Imagine.

But once you get a good grip on your nervous system, you’ll find “Deliver Us From Evil” a first rate shocker, that’ll have you seeing three stars.

It’s just the ticket to some unexpected thrills and chills.

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