Rated R

1 hour 35 minutes

Melissa McCarthyMark DuplassSusan SarandonKathy BatesAllison JanneyDan Aykroyd

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) – Susan Sarandon takes Melissa McCarthy on the road for a “Thelma and Louise” style uplifting adventure in “Tammy”.  They’ve got chemistry galore even though Sarandon’s obviously much too young to play McCarthy’s Grandmother. These two troubled misfits embark on a journey is search of their rightful place in the world.

Sarandon and McCarthy take turns stealing scenes from each other during their lively journey of self-discovery. They’re in complete command of their funny and touching relationship.

McCarthy tempers her flamboyant behavior with more poignant moments that we’re accustomed to seeing her. She’s a real person for a change, steeped in self-doubt, instead of being the freakish character in some earlier movies good only for a few cheap laughs.

McCarthy and Sarandon put on quite a show in this human comedy that never lets the amusement Interfere with the stuff that touches your heart.

Although you’d never know it by the ads, “Tammy” is quite the heartwarming comedy. Sarandon and McCarthy work well together generating laughs and working on your emotions. The film even surprises with some really bizarre business. “Tammy” has all the Ingredients for a hard earned three stars. Why even “Thelma and Louise” would be proud.

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