Protecting yourself from the Sun

UV Safety and Skin Cancer

( – Warm summer days and outdoor activities expose you to the sun’s rays, also called ultraviolet or UV rays. A sunburn or tan results when UV rays damage your unprotected skin and may lead to wrinkles, skin spots, or skin cancer. The same UV rays that damage your skin can also harm your eyes.

Prevent Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is preventable if you protect yourself from sunburn. Visit the following resources for tips on how to stay safe and still enjoy the sun:

  • Visit the SunWise website for tips on how to protect yourself from overexposure to the sun.
  • Check the UV Index if you plan to be outdoors.  The UV forecast can help you determine if the risk of overexposure is greater than normal.
  • Visit Sun Safety: Save Your Skin! for tips on how to dress with care, protect your eyes, select and apply sunscreen, and more.

Skin Cancer Resources

Need More Information? Try These Additional Resources:

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