Life as a mermaid

(WVLA) Don’t be surprised if you’re in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana pool and you bump into a “mermaid”.

Vanessa Lewis is turning heads as she splashes into pools across the city.

“The tail is quite heavy and I was worried I was going to drown when I first put it on,” she admits.

Lewis says purchasing the tail was part of a lifelong fascination with mermaids.

“I’ve always been enchanted by little mermaid very since I was a little girl the beauty the myth the folklore surrounding mermaids,” she explains.

Eventually, Lewis says she wants to use her hobby to not only bring smiles to little ones faces, but to give back in a special way.

“One thing I thought would be a unique outlet would be if I could promote Louisiana conservation coastal preservation, Louisiana waterways and sportsman paradise,” she says.

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