Jalapeno Popper-Dog and a Pork and Banana Habanero Popper!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Add a little pop and a wow to your 4th of July menus by adding some jalapenos! Blogger Dan Whalen from TheFoodInMyBeard.com is here to show us how to make some Jalapeno Popper-Dogs and Pork and Banana Habanero Popper.

Jalapeno Popper-Dog
A hot dog stuffed into a jalapeno

1 Hot dog
1 Jalapeno
1 Slice of cheese
1 Bun

Take the seeds and top off a few very large jalapenos so they look like a tube.
Slice a hot dog in half and put some cheese in between the halves.
Put it back together and then stuff the hot dog into the jalapeno. It should take 3 peppers per dog.
Grill until browned but remove from the grill before all the cheese comes leaking out. Serve on a bun with mustard.

Pork and Banana Habanero Popper
For people who think jalapeno poppers are for children

Cotija cheese
Leftover pulled pork

Take the top off a habanero. Scrape out the seeds and insides.
Fill with pulled pork, cotija cheese, and a banana slice.
Really fill it up and stuff it tight. Grill to brown.

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