Honoring female veterans on Independence Day

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – As you enjoy the company of friends and family today and admire fireworks this evening, take a moment to honor the military personnel and veterans who protect our freedoms each and everyday of their lives. Today we are honoring a female veteran by helping her to reinvent her life and transition to a new normal — with a makeover! Founder of Operation Reinvent, Julie Lewit Nirenberg, Female Veteran Natasha Young and Stylists Tara Abramowicz and Natalia Young joined us to share more.

‘Embraces’ women veterans from the time they leave military service, until they have successfully reinvented their lives and transitioned to a new normal… as happy, healthy, productive civilians in the workplace and in the community. During this process, which does not have an expiration date, OPERATION REINVENT does not let her fall between cracks or lose courage. It guides, mentors, educates and makes the transition process smoother, less confusing and less scary for the women who sacrificed so much in serving us all

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