Details in the hot car death case revealed

NEW YORK (CNN) – New details revealed at a court hearing in Georgia. Prosecutors laying out the beginning of their case against Justin Ross Harris. He is the father accused of murder after leaving his toddler son in a hot car for seven hours.

What was Justin Ross Harris allegedly doing while his 22-month old son, Cooper suffered in the back of this scorching SUV? “He was having up to 6 different conversations with women… The most common term would be sexting,” said Det. Phil Stoddard of Cobb County Police.

Stunning claims of raunchy text messages, suspicious internet searches and a plan to kill his son. “Evidence is showing us right now that he’s got this whole 2nd life he is living with alternate personalities and alternate personas,” said Det. Stoddard.

Justin Ross Harris sat, shackled and sullen as detective Phil Stoddard with Cobb County Police. Detailed x-rated messages allegedly exchanged the day Cooper died, including with a then 16-year-old girl.

“Were photos being sent while the child was in the car? She sent a picture of her breasts and he sent pictures of his exposed erect penis to her.”

No visible reaction from the 33-year old’s wife, Leanna Harris, who sat with her family and supporters in the packed courtroom.

“He was a loving father. He loved his son very much. We went on family vacations together, he was a good dad,” said Randy Michael Baygents, Harris’ brother.

However, just 5 days before Cooper’s death, Detective Stoddard says internet searches revealed that Harris watched videos online about the dangers of being trapped in a hot car and that Harris visited a web forum devoted to the “child-free” lifestyle.

The detective also testified the couple had financial problems and took out life insurance policies on Cooper. They had 2 policies on Cooper a $2,000 policy through Home Depot. The second one was this one they got in 2013 how much was the policy. It was a $25,000 policy.

Stoddard laying out the strange way he saw Harris reacting the day Cooper died, “He started off trying to work himself up trying to hyperventilate himself. No tears no real emotion except for the huffing. And through the time you’re talking with him did you see tears? No.”

Even more bizarre, how witnesses say Leanna Harris reacted at the daycare when told that Cooper wasn’t ever dropped off, “In front of several witnesses she states Ross must have left him in the car, they tried to console her and said there are 1,000 reasons and she said no.”

Then another shocker, “Were there any injuries to the child’s face, yes. It came from a scratch while the child was alive and not scabbing over. There were abrasions to the back of the child’s head.” After 3 hours of stunning testimony Judge Frank Cox denied Harris bond, the defense maintaining.

“It’s not criminal negligence. It’s a horrible tragedy and an accident.”

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