Casino question could be confusing

"Yes" against casinos, "No" for casinos

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Four months from now voters will go to the polls to decide the fate of casinos in the Commonwealth, but voting “Yes” or “No” may not be so easy.

For more than two years now, casino companies have been asking people to vote “Yes” for casinos, and the repeal the casino deal group was asking people to just vote “No,” but that’s about to change.

Question 3 on the November ballot will ask voters if they want to repeal the state’s casino law. The highly debated casino ballot question could lead to some confusion.

“If you’re going to want the casino you’re going to vote yes, and if you don’t you’re going to vote “No,'” said Springfield’s Brittanee Faraday. (But it’s actually the opposite now so how confusing may that be?) Faraday said, “As long as you read the fine print you should know what you want.”

When people voted on casino referendums, they voted “Yes” for a casino and “No” against a casino. In November on Question 3, that’s going to be flipped.

“That’s absolutely crazy it should be reversed, yes for a casino no for not having it, I don’t know why they have it the way it is,” said Wilbraham’s William Camerlin.

The way the question is asked, You will vote “Yes” if you want to repeal the law. You will vote “No” if you want a casino. The opposite of how people voted for or against casinos in previous referendums.

(Do you think that could be a little confusing and why?) “Yes,” said Springfield’s Jean Tailleul. (How come?) “Because when you say yes, that means you know you vote for the casino,” said Tailleul.

Four months from now, we will finally know if casinos can move forward in Massachusetts or if the law will be repealed. Before you vote remember in November, it’s “Yes” against casinos and “No” for casinos.

The campaigns are going to have to be crystal clear and voters are going to have to make sure they really read the question to make sure that the vote they cast is for the side they actually want.

Below is how Question 3 will read on the ballot in November:

A YES VOTE would prohibit casinos, any gaming establishment with slot machines, and wagering on simulcast greyhound races.

A NO VOTE would make no change in the current laws regarding gaming.

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