Arthur hits New England with rain and flooding

Many streets are already flooded in Fairhaven

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (WCVB) – Arthur’s opening attack on southeast Massachusetts was not terribly welcome here. “Arthur does not like us right now. I don’t know how we disappointed him, but it’s ok. I don’t mind it.”

“He’s not welcome.” Phil Stoeckle’s basement on Washington Street in Fairhaven has flooded three separate times already, as each band of the storm gusts across the state.

“We’ve had quite a few spells. It comes like once an hour, floods,” said Stoeckle.

Several streets in Fairhaven have flooded. Parts of Washington Street are already under three to four feet after a fury of rain.

“Oh, it’s coming. He and I were actually at Shaw’s, and it sounded like something was pounding on the roof.”

Adam Morales took it upon himself to don a bathing suit, and help drivers stranded after trying to make their way through it. “His starter’s already blown. That’s it. It’s not going anywhere.”

Across southeast Massachusetts is a very real risk of flash-flooding, and that threat is not going away anytime soon. “This is just the beginning. Late tonight it’s going to get worse.”

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