25th anniversary of “Seinfeld” debut

(CNN) – From close-talkers to low-talkers and yada, yada, yada, “Seinfeld” left its mark on pop culture.

It’s now 25 years since the show “Seinfeld” made its debut and became one of the most memorable sitcoms ever.

“It’s ‘Seinfeld’ premiering right after Cheers Thursday on NBC.”

July 5th, 1989: NBC debuts a new sitcom built around standup comedian Jerry Seinfeld. First called “The Seinfeld Chronicles”, the title later shortened to just “Seinfeld”.

“Of course it wasn’t about nothing but it was about the kind of things that standup comedians talked about a lot but that sitcoms generally didn’t.”

“It changed television. It gave us a whole new way of looking at the world, a whole new kind of comedy.”

“It was the start of like the alternative family comedies.”

“People who are not roommates, who don’t live under the same roof, who aren’t related, who don’t even work in work in the same place, Seinfeld establishes that so that becomes completely the norm.”

“I think ‘Friends’ obviously was a young Seinfeld.”

“Every successful new kind of show changes television because it makes a whole bunch of other stuff possible.”

“‘Louie’ is probably the closest thing we have to a modern-day Seinfeld.”

“Seinfeld” ended its run in 1998. There’s been no official reunion, unless you count this one, filmed for “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, the series developed by Seinfeld’s co-creator, Larry David.

Seinfeld’s characters live on, just as they were, in syndication; still impacting TV, and the culture.

“One of the best shows ever. And it’s not just an influence for comedy writers; it’s kind of influenced everything, people’s dialogues, people’s references.”

“Every thing that happens in life turns into, oh do you remember that Seinfeld? It’s just a perfect show, perfect.”

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