Weather threat is changing 4th of July plans

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – On Thursday, the afternoon sky was sunny, but with the threat of bad weather raining out people’s 4th of July picnic plans, do they have a plan-B?

Ben Christopher of Northampton is planning to visit family in upstate New York. “With rain, hopefully it’ll hold off up there but if it rains, I’m guessing we will have to go to a movie, stay inside. It’ll still be nice to see family but we definitely won’t be able to do what we normally do,” said Christopher.

At Look Park in Northampton, the picnic areas were mostly empty, but that’s not expected to be the case Friday. They’re booked full, at least, for now.

Bumper boats are just one of the many family friendly activities here at Look Park in Northampton, but there’s uncertainty with Friday’s weather. Even the park’s Operations Manager told 22News that many people may have a delayed 4th of July.

“Friday was pretty much booked up from a rental standpoint for picnic sites. We have a lot of people moving around obviously because of the threat of weather, but we’re really just pulling that its a bluff and that its going to be nice out tomorrow,” said Dan Taylor.

Vinny Sireci of Northampton told 22News he won’t let a regular thunderstorm change his party plans. “I was definitely going to BBQ, watch the fireworks and go to a party that night. Not unless its a big hurricane. I’m still going to try and watch the fireworks if they have them.”

Others planning BBQ’s and cookouts told 22News they’d simply move inside where it’s cooler anyway, not letting mother nature ruin what they’ve been planning for weeks.

With Hurricane Arthur moving up the coast, it seems pretty clear the weather will impact at least part of the 4th of July with the question being, how severe and for how long?

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