How much money does the state give your city/town?

Springfield to receive $335 Million

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We now know how much money the state will give to each community in western Massachusetts. The 22News I-Team reveals where that money goes and who pays for it.

It’s our taxpayers dollars that get spread out throughout the commonwealth. Once Governor Deval Patrick approves the 2014-2015 budget, Springfield will receive the second highest amount of money in the state and also the second most per person.

The state is giving Springfield more than $335 million of our taxpayer dollars this upcoming year. That’s 2nd only to Boston and 2nd per person only behind Lawrence.

“They certainly do (need it), there’s no doubt about it from what I see, it’s a nice place I have no problem with it, but yes I agree they could use all the money they could get,” said Roger Romanelli from Windsor, Connecticut.

The money that Springfield receives, most of it goes right into the school budget. “I think that’s a good use for it the schools, I think that’s a fair thing to do,” said Springfield’s Kevin Withers.

Springfield’s Chief Financial Officer T.J. Plante told 22News without this amount of money people would likely lose their jobs. “If we didn’t have the state aid coming in at this level, we would have had to do service reductions and possible layoffs,” said Plante.

Plante told 22News $301 million goes to the schools and the city can choose how it uses the other $34 million.

Below is the total amount of money (rounded to the nearest hundred thousand) each community in western Massachusetts will receive from the state in the upcoming fiscal year:

Springfield: $335.2 Million
Holyoke: $78.8 Million
Chicopee: $67.4 Million
Pittsfield: $47.1 Million
Westfield: $38.8 Million
West Springfield: $24.5 Million
Agawam: $22.1 Million
North Adams: $17.5 Million
Ludlow: $16 Million
Belchertown: $15 Million
Greenfield: $14.8 Million
Amherst: $13.4 Million
Palmer: $12.4 Million
East Longmeadow: $11.2 Million
Northampton: $11 Million
Ware: $10.3 Million
Easthampton: $10.2 Million
South Hadley: $10 Million
Monson: $8.5 Million
Orange: $6.6 Million
Longmeadow: $5.6 Million
Granby: $5.3 Million
Southampton: $3 Million
Lee: $2.5 Million
Athol: $2.1 Million
Adams: $2 Million
Williamstown: $1.8 Million
Lenox: $1.7 Million
Brimfield: $1.5 Million
Deerfield: $1.5 Million
Hadley: $1.3 Million
Wilbraham: $1.3 Million
Sunderland: $1.3 Million
Dalton: $1.3 Million
Montague: $1.3 Million
Southwick: $1.1 Million
Hatfield: $1 Million
Conway: $765K
Shutesbury: $744K
Hampden: $612K
Westhampton: $583K
Huntington: $564K
Petersham: $526K
Erving: $491K
Leverett: $436K
Russell: $388K
Whately: $369K
Pelham: $364K
Northfield: $321K
Hinsdale: $302K
Chester: $286K
Buckland: $272K
Colrain: $262K
Bernardston: $259K
Ashfield: $259K
Chesterfield: $255K
Shelburne: $237K
Sheffield: $230K
Charlemont: $217K
Gill: $216K
Worthington: $161K
Becket: $157K
Blandford: $157K
Wendell: $155K
Cummington: $148K
Granville: $143K
Montgomery: $98K
Stockbridge: $89K
Heath: $74K
Hawley: $74K
Leyden: $73K

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