Tropical Storm Arthur threatens holiday celebrations

Arthur could dampen festivities for many Americans on the Fourth of July

NEW YORK (CNN) – At the Fort Pierce marina in Florida clouds are starting to move in and residents are starting to pack up.

“I’m going to take some canvass down, I’m going to clean up some of my chairs and clutter around the decks, already tied for it,” said Neil Lorenson.

East central Florida is already under a tropical storm watch the first of many weather advisories expected along the east coast this week, but it’s this track over the next 72 hours that is so concerning.

Moving through nearly every beach destination up the southern east coast and leaving behind dangerous rip currents.

Starting on Wednesday through the fourth of July, we’re looking at a severe weather threat, we’re looking at a flash flood threat, with heavy rain on Thursday and the potential land fall hurricane near or over eastern North Carolina.

And if it picks up enough steam forecasters predict it could form into a category one hurricane here potentially just off North Carolina’s outer banks in the early morning of the 4th.

It looks like Arthur might track pretty close, if not over, the outer banks of eastern North Carolina on the fourth of July, and possibly as a low end hurricane with top winds at around 75 miles per hour.

Bad news for 4th of July travelers. This holiday is the busiest week of the summer travel season. 41 million Americans will travel 85 percent by car.

The busiest getaway day this year is Thursday putting many drivers on the roads during the soggiest stretch of the storm.

They are potentially staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. But it has the potential for cancellations and delays, possibly if they’re traveling by air, and for rainy and slick road conditions if there’s inclement weather and rain, if they’re traveling by car.

The rain potentially washing out 4th of July celebrations and fireworks perhaps even all the way up to Boston, where officials say they’re not ready yet to say if their big show will go on.

“I think we’re going to defer any conversations or decisions about the weather at least until tomorrow,” Thomas Alben of the Mass. State Police said.

The system will likely clear out by the weekend. But forecasters say the danger won’t quite be over then. This storm will leave behind powerful rip currents at beaches along the east coast that could last through the holiday weekend.

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