Tornado debris piles up

PILGER, Nebr. (KTIV) Reduced to rubble, the town of Pilger, Nebraska faces the daunting task of removing the homes and businesses that were destroyed in an E-4 tornado.

“We had 60 residences that were totally destroyed. All of our Main Street businesses were taken out, including the village office and the village fire hall,” says Kim Neiman, the Pilger Village Clerk.

In an empty city lot, debris is piling up: brick from downtown buildings, steel, concrete, and trees, lots and lots of trees. Stores, businesses, and city offices, practically the whole town now sits in piles.

Neiman says 60% of the debris has now been removed, to this lot. But, the rainy weather is now hampering efforts to get the rest of the damage out of town.

“Our clean-up is just down to a crawl. It’s down to a truckload at a time with four people, three people doing the work,” says volunteer coordinator AJ Kluthe.

“Pilger is flat, and three quarters of the town is in a flood plain,” points out Neiman.

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