Study: Employees feel skills more valuable than degree

Some argue skill set more valuable than higher education

Courtesy MGNOnline

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – For many a higher education is their ticket to a career.

Kimberly Hoy, from West Springfield, told 22News her degree helped her start a new career. “I’ve learned quite a bit of things from going to college. I’ve learned lots of new skills, new ways to deal with people, just relating to others. I’ve really learned a lot,” Hoy said.

But the latest job skills study from the career and workplace company, Glassdoor, found a surprising number of people find less value to their college degree now that they’re employed.

The study found that more than 70 percent of employees believe having a certain set of skills made them more valuable to their employer than their college degree did.

Jennifer Brown from United Personnel told 22News a college degree is still something that sets a potential employee apart from the pack. While over half of the employees surveyed said spending the money on a master’s degree is no longer needed to get a higher paying position, Brown says for certain positions it’s still attractive to the employer.

“It’s a nice to have, I think for mid to upper level management positions, yes, they are important to have, because it does teach you more about the strategic planning rather than the day to day,” Jennifer Brown, from United Personnel, in Springfield.

But for other positions, Brown says job applicants are more appealing when they are knowledgeable about the company they’re applying to and that you will stand out in an interview by showing a willingness to learn on the job.

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