Should you leave air conditioners on all day?

Is it more cost-efficient to shut them off when you leave?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – On days like this, air conditioners are a must, but they’ll cost you. 22News is working for you with how to save money on your electric bills.

Many of us who leave for work during the day were wondering: Is it more cost-efficient to shut off your A/C when you leave and then turn it back on, or leave it running all day? Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning recommends leave it on.

The first job that air conditioners do is to take out the humidity from the air and furniture. If you leave them on, they will just have to maintain the temperature.

Service Manager for Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning Joshua Smith told 22News, “It’s okay to turn it up a couple degrees so it’s not keeping the house as cool when you’re away so you only have some make-up to do when you get home when you turn it back down, but I wouldn’t shut it off and go to work for the day and then come home and turn it on and try to have to cool down all that heat that’s built up in your house.”

There are also programmable thermostats that adjust the temperature throughout the day. It costs about 200 dollars, but Smith said it will save on your electric bill over time.

It’s also important to change the filter regularly, clean the coil outside, and update your units. Older equipment costs more to run because the electric motors and compressors aren’t as energy-efficient.

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