Online Safety Tips

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) –  We all remember to lock up our cars and houses and make sure that our kids don’t stay out too late, but when it comes to our online privacy, we tend to get a little forgetful. David Ryan Polgar a tech expert and advocate with  joined us in studio 1A with some online safety tips.

Online Safety Tips

1. Create a strong password: It can be incredibly annoying to keep track of multiple complicated passwords, but it is a necessary evil today.  In addition, you should not use the same password across multiple sites.

2. Keep your privates, private: smartphones have made it incredibly easy to capture pictures and video, but also incredibly easy to spread online. If a picture is taken, it has a chance to be spread. “Disappearing” services like Snapchat are not fool-proof, as an end-user may take a screen shot.

3. Open Dialogue with Families: new apps can pop up seemingly overnight, much to the frustration of parents. Parents should have an open dialogue with their children to fully understand and appreciate their tech use.  Many social networks also have age restrictions that parents should be aware of.

4. Be mindful of imposters: It is incredibly easy for someone to establish a false identity. Children and adults should be alert when relaying personal information.


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