Man tries to elude police; detective hangs on to car

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH)– The man accused of hitting and dragging a Middletown police officer with his car went before a judge Wednesday.

On Tuesday, officers with the Middletown Police tried to pull over a car, something they do all the time. But what occurred next in one case was anything but routine.

“We do have a policy on pursuit but this isn’t a pursuit situation, this was your in the car and your part of a vehicle stop,” said  Lt. Heather Desmond, Middletown Police Department.

On Grand Street in Middletown Tuesday night detectives with the department’s narcotics unit pulled over 23-year-old Jospeh Nevico of Cromwell.

But police say he refused to get out of the vehicle, instead he hit the gas pedal and when the car was finally brought to stop, he hit it again but this time dragged along a veteran detective, Marc Del Mauro, several feet who was, according to authorities, trying to remove Nevico from the car he was driving.

“He was trying to maintain control of the operator and also hang on,” said Desmond.

It was a move that nearly crushed Detective Del Mauro as Nevico then hit two parked cars and a police cruiser.

Nevico was subsequently tazed, twice, then placed under arrest

“They did not find anything in the car,” said Desmond.

He was charged with;

  • Traveling Too Fast
  • Failure to Display a Front Marker Plate
  • Unsafe Backing
  • Interfering with an Officer
  • Failure to Obey Officer’s Signal
  • Engaging in a Pursuit
  • Assault on a Police Officer
  • Criminal Attempt Assault First
  • Reckless Endangerment
  • Reckless Driving
  • Failure to Obey Stop Sign

And at Middletown Superior court he faced a judge for the first time for the events that lead to those charges where his bond was set at $500,000.

At times Nevico appeared to hold back tears as he listened to the exchange between the judge and the attorneys present, especially when they discussed his criminal past

“He has a history that dates back to 2010…drug paraphernalia,” said Desmond.

The accused will be back in court later this month. As for the detective who was involved in the incident and ultimately dragged inside that car. We’re told he’s back on duty, all be it a little sore.

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