Hotel: “We opted out of the homeless program”

All homeless families were suppose to be out by June

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Despite the states goal to get all homeless families out of hotels by June, there are still hundreds of families across the state that temporarily reside in them.

Peter Gagliardi of HAP Housing in Springfield admitted to the 22News I-Team, there are more people who need help then the state can handle. It’s become a nightmare and this is manifestation of our failure to deal with deepening poverty.

The I-Team discovered in June that since 2009 the state has paid more than $55 million to hotels that house the families. We dug even further and found some hotels, like two in Chicopee, are owned by the same person. These two hotels alone have been paid a combined $14 million since 2009.

To some, it may sound like a lucrative business for hotel owners but we found one hotel, Candlewood Suites in West Springfield, that said they chose to pass on the program.

(Do you regret at all not getting into the program?) “No because there’s a lot of wear and tear and when they do leave, I don’t know if they are, but they’ll have to put a lot of money into it to sell to the average guest,” said Susan Daley, Director of sales at the Candlewood Suites.

Daley explained it’d be hard to maintain regular hotel guests when you have families living there. “Sometimes the guests do call here and they do ask if we have homeless here before they’ll make a reservation.”

The I-Team tried to call and even drop in on hotel owners who do house the homeless to find out if it’s been as good for business as it appears on the surface, but nobody returned our calls. Those who did, denied our request.

David Averill with Chicopee Electronics is in charge of inspecting hotels for safety, he says there is obvious wear and tear on those with families. He said, “Take for example now they had to put detectors on all the pull stations because the kids kept going and pulling the pull stations.”

Gagliardi says the hotels aren’t ideal for the families or the taxpayers but the state doesn’t have money to change it immediately. He says the new budget offers minor tweaks.

“One of the things the budget does is provide some additional resources for the state voucher program to allow us as an industry to begin to assist some of those people on those waiting lists,” Gagliardi said.

The state hasn’t yet set a new goal to get the families out and it’s not clear if they will.

22News used state records to find out who owns the different hotels.


Property & Owners                                                       Total amounts paid by the state from 2009-2014

ECONO LODGE, 357 Burnett Road, Chicopee                                                   $10,865,273.04
Owner: Chicopee Inn, Inc.  President-Kamlesh Patel
Registered Agent-Dinesh Patel

HOLYOKE HOTEL, 245 Whiting Farms Road, Holyoke                                       $10,291,272.62
Owner: 66 Holyoke, LLC   Manager-SHIELD Corporation   President-Kirit Patel
Resident Agent-Kirit Patel

QUALITY INN, 1150 Riverdale Street, West Spfld.                                              $ 9,112,610.35
Owner: Shubham, LLC   Managers-Ashok and Janak Dhbuwala
Resident Agent-Larry Karl Reisman

QUALITY INN, 463 Memorial Drive, Chicopee                                                    $ 6,084,004.42
Owner: Mittas Inn, LLC SOC Signatories-Vidhyadhar Mitta, Kanti Patidar, Chris Mershon
Resident Agent-Vidhyadhar Mitta

HOWARD JOHNSONS, 1356 Boston Road, Spfld.                                            $ 5,929,543.40
Owner: ShivShiv Corp.  President-Amit Patel
Registered Agent-Ashok Patel

DAYS INN, 1515 Northampton Street, Holyoke                                                 $ 4,298,629.30
Manager-Amish Patel

DAYS INN, 450 Memorial Drive, Chicopee                                                        $ 3,495,359.48
Owner: Chunida, Inc.   President-Dinesh Patel
Registered Agent-Dinesh Patel

DAYS INN, 21 Colrain Road, Greenfield                                                           $ 2,136,825.63
Owner: Thunderbird Hospitality, Inc.  President-Vidhyadhar Mitta
Registered Agent-Vidhyadhar Mitta

QUALITY INN, 125 Mohawk Trail, Greenfield                                                    $ 1,012,628.24
Owner: Shree Vinayak, Inc.  President-Bharti Patel
Registered Agent-Roger C. Ross

VALLEY OPPORTUNITY COUNCIL, 317-319 Main Street, Holyoke
2010-2014 -$   814,000
Owner: Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.  President-Kenneth Parsons
This is a not-for-profit organization.  Money goes back into programs.


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Assessor’s offices of cities where businesses are registered.

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