Boy in car, parents in bar

27-year-old Archie Howard and 30-year-old Terri Hymes

PITTSBURGH (WPXI) A mother and stepfather are facing serious charges after police said they left a 2-year-old inside of a hot car while they drank inside of a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bar.

According to police 30-year-old Terri Hymes and 27-year-old Archie Howard are facing multiple charges after someone called 911 to report the boy in the car.

Pittsburgh police said when they arrived at the bar the child was found slumped over, sweating and unresponsive in a car seat.

“You see a lot of things out there when you are a police officer. These kinds of issues that involve children really pull at their emotions a lot,” said Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Sonya Toler.

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