$6.2 billion spent on food for July 4th

Cost of a July 4th picnic is about 5.5% higher than last year

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A new survey shows that two-thirds of people who will celebrate the 4th of July are planning a picnic, barbecue or cookout. 22News is working for you with some money saving tips for your Independence Day party.

153 million. That’s how many people are planning to celebrate. $6.2 billion. That’s how much they plan to spend. It breaks down to about $68 per household.

With food prices rising across the country, you may end up shelling out even more cash than you expected.

Meat and dairy prices are up, specifically pork, spare ribs and cheese. The average cost for a July 4th picnic will be about 5.5% higher than last year.

Gary Golec, the owner of Serio’s Market in Northampton offered some money saving tips.

“We have a lot of bulk prices. If you want to buy hamburgers in 5 pounds or more in what we calla pillow pack, you get a discount on that. Deli salads in 5 pounds or more you get a 10% discount of your deli salads. So anything that you buy in bulk you are able to get a better price on than the regular retail price,” said Golec.

Other tips to help you save money: make it a potluck, have other people bring a dish. Buying generic brands can save you money. Try and use ingredients that you already have in your pantry, and clip those coupons.

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