World Cup: USA fans gear up for Belgium

SALVADOR, Brazil (CNN) – Salvador is all dressed up for the next World Cup showdown.

There is on place that all the fans, all the tourists to Salvador are going to visit Pelourinho! And we think we already see some team USA fans ahead, as usual discreet.  Could we chat, we’re assuming you’re team USA?

“How’d you guess?” (What outcome do they expect?) “2-1 for us, 2-0, 2-0, I’m going to say 3-0 us because Altidore is coming back!”

That would be Jozy Altidore sidelined by injury in the very first game. Some fans say that after two weeks, they don’t know if they can stay any longer even if the U.S. does win.

At the bottom of the hill, more American fans taking in a game. “If the United States is going to get more serious about soccer, I think we’re going to need more vacation days. Special world cup vacation days.”

This is what I have been looking for everywhere and it’s not that easy to find in Brazil, team USA, but here it is.

“Can I see it, great, how much is it, that’s actually a good price. Beautiful! It does say Donavan, he’s actually not on the team, apparently they didn’t get the message, but it’s a lovely shirt.”

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