The price to renovate the Pulaski Park worth it?

The park is only a square acre

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Northampton has applied for close to half a million dollars in tax money to spend on renovating a city park.

On Monday, Mayor David Narkewicz told 22News renovating Pulaski Park on Main Street is one of his priorities. He said it would boost the downtown economy, but residents aren’t too sure of that.

The Mayor said the playground area would expand, there would be more green space, a platform would be built to attract musicians and more tables and chairs would be placed near the street for people to eat outside.

Residents said anything could help the park, which hasn’t been renovated in decades, but they also didn’t think it would attract different types of people and tourists.

Frederic Jones of Northampton said, “It would be nice, the park would probably look a little better, or something like that, but I don’t know if it would attract more people. They’d have to have more venues over here.”

According to Adrianna Dearing, who worked across from park, “Walking through here at night, when I had to take the bus home, it can be a little bit sketchy.”

The park is only a square acre, and many said they’ve passed by it without even knowing it was located right behind the bus stop.

The City is still working with the contractor on a final price for the renovations.

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