New airport security measures considered amid threats

(CNN) – Federal authorities say stronger airport security measures may be needed as concerns about new bombs, designed to escape screening, increase.

They are Homeland Security’s most-dreaded threats: explosive devices hidden in objects from shoes to toothpaste tubes and undetectable by airport security. Now, the US is considering new airport security measures due to increased concerns that terrorists from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula– or AQAP – are developing new bomb designs to fool current security screening.

“We remain concerned about the capability of some of these elements to develop weapons that could be thwarted by our current security systems.”

Officials tell CNN there is no imminent threat or plot. However, an additional vulnerability has been identified, which the Department of Homeland Security is currently working to address.

“The Department of Homeland Security is regularly reviewing our security procedures to adapt to the threat that we — that is faced by our transportation system, as advisories are required to adequately inform the traveling public, we’ll make those announcements.”

Representative Peter King addressed the threat on ABC’s “This Week”.

“A number of airports do not have the type of security that they should have. Basically, we’re saying anyone that would fly to the U.S., they would have to increase their security. We’re going to be pushing it, but overseas airport security is a real concern.”

The threat has grown all the more severe as chaos in Syria and Iraq has created a safe haven for terror groups to train, plan and recruit westerners to join their fight.

“Allowing them to pool up in Syria, allowing them to have safe haven the size of Indiana, between Syria and Iraq, and I say they, al Qaeda-minded individuals that now have an army. That is as dangerous a time for an al Qaeda threat to the United States as I’ve ever seen.”

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