“Get tough” speech on immigration

(NBC News) A California town is protesting waves of immigrant women and children being shipped to their border patrol station.

The Texas facility that’s been holding unaccompanied children is overwhelmed.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, visiting the border Monday, warned parents in Central America their kids may not make it to the U.S. alive if they attempt to send them.

“It is dangerous. The beast is dangerous. Parents need to understand that,” Johnson said.

With a humanitarian crisis building at the border, President Obama blames Congress.

“The failure of House Republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security, it’s bad for our economy and it’s bad for our future,” Mr. Obama said Monday.

He wants the Attorney General and Homeland Security to outline actions he can take alone – without Congress, and he wants that plan by the end of this summer.

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