Gas prices increase as more people go on road trips

Search online for low gas prices near you

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – While we can’t do much about the price of gas, 22News is working for you with some tips on how to save money and conserve gas.

Changing your driving habits and selecting the right gas station can help you drive further on less gas. The Department of Consumer Protection says having a well-tuned car can save gas, so have clean air filters and keep up on oil changes.

Make sure your tires are aligned and your car has the proper tire pressure. Also, get rid of extra weight from your car and drive at a constant speed on the highways.

David Osiecki, a masonry worker from Southampton, told 22News those two tips make a difference when he’s driving the company diesel trucks. “We’re always constantly servicing our trucks,” said David.”Constant speeds especially with a truck, keeping things on cruise control and keeping things at an operable speed is always best.”

Search online for low gas prices near you and look for savings by using club membership cards. Don’t drive on empty too often and use the lowest grade of gasoline you can. Sometimes, gas stations offer cheaper prices for using cash than debit or credit cards too.

To see where the lowest gas prices are available in the area, take a look at the 22News Pump Prices.

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