Drunk driver asks: Will I be in the newspaper?

MILWAUKEE, WI (CNN) – A wrong way drunk driver nearly crashes into a Wisconsin Sheriff’s Deputy, but after her arrest, the suspect seems to only be worried about her mug shot.

It’s before sunset Saturday night. The deputy comes to a stop on highway 145 as a wrong way driver zooms by. The deputy gets to the other side of the highway and catches up to the driver.

Deputy: “Stop your car.  Stop your car.  Stop your car.”

You can hear the deputy and the driver off camera.

Driver: “I didn’t realize what I was doing.”

Deputy: “You didn’t see me with my lights on?”

Driver: “Yeah, I did, but I didn’t realize.”

Deputy: “I had my lights on because you almost hit me.”

Driver: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Deputy: “You’re being placed under arrest for OWI.”

The deputy cuts the roadside sobriety tests short when the driver struggles to follow directions.

Deputy: “Recklessly endangering safety by driving the wrong way on a divided highway.”

Another deputy tells the driver she blew a .235 in an initial breathalyzer test.

Driver: “So, is that good or is that bad?”

Deputy: “It’s a little high.”

In fact it’s nearly three times the legal limit. 44-year-old Lisa Doss of Sussex is in custody for her first OWI.

Driver: “Are they going to take my picture here and post it in the newspaper or anything like that or no?”

Deputy: “Yeah, they book you in.”

Driver: “But they don’t put it in the newspaper or anything like that? Because, I don’t need that.”

Doss was booked into the Milwaukee county jail and is awaiting her first court appearance.

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