Deadly weather hits Midwest

ALBION, Michigan (NBC News) Parts of the Midwest are braced again for what could be another day of severe weather after fast-moving storms swept across the area Monday.

The system tore through Wisconsin, knocked out power to tens of thousands of Milwaukee area residents.

The torrential rain in Iowa was enough to impress a southerner used to downpours from hurricanes.

“We get Category One, Two And Three hurricanes and they’ll produce water going and coming, but nothing this fast and this quick,” said North Carolinian Robert Forrest.

Rain also drenched Chicago, causing sinkholes and flooding interstates.

The storms have caused deaths in Indiana and Iowa, where family and friends are still awaiting word on the fate of a missing teenager swept into a storm sewer drain during a downpour in Cedar Rapids.

All the storms are consistent with what federal forecasters predicted for much of the country, a windy and rainy work week, but a dry 4th of July.

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