Catching Cancer Early

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) There are many cancers that can be cured if they’re detected early enough. Yamil Maldonado and Taishonia Guzman from the NOEL Program – Early Cancer Detection helped us spot cancer before it’s too late.

About the NOEL Program:

NOEL is a new program that stands for- navigating outreach, education, linkage based out of the Gandara Center. We help raise awareness in the Springfield communities concerning breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screenings within the 40-64 age demographic as well as African-American, Hispanic, and Vietnamese cultures. This an issue that has many far reaching effects on all of us, even those not in the target population for the program.

We are educating men and women in the community with 45 minute sessions giving basic information on what screenings are for, why they are important, and what to expect when preparing for them. We also offer patient navigation services to assist those who need help with appointment setting and relieving anxiety related to the screening process. We are the community’s connection to cancer prevention!

Gandara Center
120 Maple Street, Springfield, Suite 305
(413) 788-4649

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